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    1. G. I. Hagstrom, S. A. Levin, and A. C. Martiny. Resource ratios determine nutrient limitation of primary productivity in the ocean. (Accepted in Ecosystems) bioRxiv 064543
    2. G. I. Hagstrom, S. A. Levin. Marine Ecosystems as Complex Adaptive Systems: Emergent Patterns, Critical Transitions, and Public Goods. (Submitted Under Revision) bioRxiv …
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  2. Research

    Phytoplankton Stoichiometry and Biogeochemistry

    Phytoplankton are photosynthetic, single-celled organisms which live in the sunlit surface of the Earth’s oceans, lakes, and rivers. In addition to sunlight, which provides access to CO2, phytoplankton require numerous inorganic nutrients for their growth, particularly nitrogen, phosphorus, and iron. By converting inorganic forms of …

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